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Services - miscellaneous repair
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Purge Guns
In stock 
are easy to use, lever action hand-pumped lubrication devices. It can be used to manually purge oil systems, test oil systems, or test the condition of a divider valve system.
Group: Devices lubricating
J1939 Products
In stock 
uses a high-speed network for machines that operate at 250K baud rate. These products are capable of supporting control, information sharing, diagnostics, multiplexing, and proprietary communications.
Group: Multiplexers
AC Volt Meter (HV 5000)
In stock 
is used to check high voltages from 0 to 5000VAC. These meters are made from high impact styrene plastic, so they are very durable and work very well at high voltages.
Group: Voltmeters
Phase Sequence Indicators
In stock 
are used to identify correct phase sequence of live three-phase lines. Phase A, B, C lamps are on when all phases are connected. When only one lamp is on it indicates that the phase is open.
Group: Phase gauges
Proximity Switches
In stock 
are devices that are used to accurately monitor fluid or grease lubrication systems. They are completely sealed and specially manufactured for industrial use. The proximity switch is very easy to use an can be installed on either side of the divider block.
Group: Sensors
Lubrication Monitors
In stock 
use the newest microprocessor and transistor technologies to detect SLOW-FLOW and NOFLOW conditions by monitoring divider block lubrication systems. These are also used to display the total run-time hours and total oil consumption in pints.
Group: Systems for lubricating
Engine Controls
In stock 
are used to operate all brands of electronic diesel engines, all brands of transmissions, air drilling equipment, and other oilfield service packages. These packages are custom built to ensure the controls and meters are designed to operate as per the specifications of the job.
Group: Controls for induction motors
Measuring Equipment
In stock 
is used to check for the presence and magnitude of voltage, temperature, and also used to check the size of many different items. Many of these items are must-haves for any electronics expert!
Group: Electrical meters (testers)
Time Clocks
In stock 
are used to record different measures of time so that a record of a particular event can be timestamped. These clocks can be setup to record the month, the day, the date, the time, or any combination of these. Most applications require some type of time measurement, so a time clock is almost...
Group: Stop-watches
Power Monitor
In stock 
Designed to monitor power coming out of wall receptacle(USA and Canada). Monitors and displays AC voltage (30 to 350 VAC) and hertz (20 to 450 Hz.).
Group: Sensor of active power


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